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Call us Now: 0039 350 050 3447 / 0039 050 542786

Call us Now:
0039 350 050 3447 / 0039 050 542786

Studio Legale Foggia

Welcome to the website of the Law Firm Foggia (Pisa, Italy).

Why is it better to trust us?

There are several reasons:

  1. The staff - the lawyer has the dwelling certificate to practice in Italy, the experience of the practice since 2001; Assistant qualified of our study has a degree and legal experience working in Russia, and also trained at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pisa, the degree master.
  2. Location - Tuscany, Pisa. It is located in the center of Italy. This region is interesting not only for its cultural heritage, but also for its convenient location for tourist seaports, and here is the second largest port in Italy, a commercial seaport - in Livorno and Pisa International Airport.
  3. Language - our staff speaks Italian, English, Russian and Spanish.
  4. Direct representation on the whole territory of Italy.
  5. Payment - according to the law "On the payment of attorney activities", an individual approach with an quotation for charges and the ability to pay the installments.
  6. Scope of services - consulting, support, protection, representation, the optimal solutions.
  7. Reliability and quality - our staff have extensive experience, since 1965, which was passed from generation to generation over the years. We have the confidence of many in a variety of conflict resolution.

How can we help you?

We offer our customers a wide range of legal services: consultation provided both in person and over the phone or through electronic communications and postal services.

Our study in Italy serves private clients, entrepreneurs and companies in Italy and abroad.

We advise on the legislation in one of the languages mentioned above. In addition, we provide services for business registration, the establishment of representative offices and companies in Italy, joint ventures, restructuring and liquidation of legal entities; accompany the implementation of operations for buying, selling and leasing of properties in Italy; the conclusion of contracts, recovery solutions receivables and trade disputes in Italy; Investment projects; work and family disputes; immigration issues.

By partnering with notaries and tax advice we offer to natural and legal persons services "from a single source", which are ideal for providing complete legal assistance.

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